As industry leaders, our projects are completed with the most innovative materials in technology and design. Kramer Cold Clad are pioneers in the design, development and installation of cold store facilities using single envelope technology.

Trusted by the best

Single envelope design solutions are the most efficient method of building cold store facilities. Growing in popularity, single envelope design solutions use fewer raw materials, ensure a higher level of energy saving and demand a shorter build time.

Our clients can trust Kramer Cold Clad to design and install the best bespoke solution for their project. We are proud of our long-term partnerships with some of the UK’s largest brands, including supermarkets who trust us to provide the best cold store facilities for them.

As single envelope design has become more prevalent, we have led the way in consulting clients on its best bespoke use in their project. Kramer Cold Clad are a trusted authority in the design, development and installation of single envelope design solutions.

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